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The Ravenna Colt, a southern-alt-country rock band from Louisville, Kentucky debuted a video for “South of Ohio,” the first release from their debut album Slight Spell. The band features one of the founding members of My Morning Jacket, Johnny Quaid on vocals/guitars, who seems to be the creative force behind the music.

The Ravenna Colt has been slightly reclusive when it comes to touring and live shows, only playing a handful of gigs earlier in the year. One live performance that I caught came over the summer at the Forecastle Festival, their last gig of the year to date. Hopefully there will be more to come and more to see in the future from this band, so keep your eyes peeled for new show dates on the band’s website.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The Villebillies recently debuted the video for “Talk to Me,” the new single off their upcoming studio album Appetite for Dysfunction, which is due out in Spring of 2011.

You’ll have to watch the video a few times to understand what it is that is happening to the girl reporter, which is still unclear, by the way. I think this is planned intent though by the Villebillies. And it’s ironic that total play time is exactly 4:20 minutes long. Ponder that one…..

You decide and figure it out:

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It will be a southern rock psychedelic circus this Tuesday, November 9th at Headliners as the Dropout Boogie Tour makes a stop in Louisville. Headlined by Austin, Texas-based The Black Angels – whose vocalist Alex Maas eerily (and I mean eerily) sounds like Jim Morrison – will be playing alongside with Black Mountain.

So, if you like your rock southern and psychedelic, then this will be one mid-week concert you won’t wanna miss. Oh yeah, the best part is that the night will likely be loaded with Gibsons and Marshalls. Hoorah!

Here is “Sniper at the Gates of Heaven” from The Black Angels, and “Set Us Free” by Black Mountain.

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