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Zazoo’s – File Photo

Local concert promoter, freelance music journalist and musician, Hunter Embry, recently announced a new original live music series at Zazoo’s which he is calling The New Vintage. Unlike other original monthly showcases around town, The New Vintage will occur weekly and debut on Saturday, February 5th featuring Scott Carney of Wax Fang, Cougar Experess, and Embry’s own band, The Bad Reeds.

Other acts who’ve committed to perform future events include Relic, The Whiskey Bent Valley Boys, Supertruck, Slithering Beast, The Tunesmiths, OK Zombie, Jon Boy Slim, A Lion Named Roar and several others.

Embry has also enlisted the help of DeadBird Studio owner Dave Chale, to oversee the sound and production of the series. According to Embry, The New Vintage will have a top notch PA, ran by a professional sound guy, with hard working, talented bands performing each night.”

“Being part of a local band, I know there’s only a few venues in town that do their part for the scene,” Embry said. “Like those select venues, Zazoo’s will sufficiently promote each New Vintage show and bands will be fairly compensated for their efforts. It’s simple stuff, but some folks have gotten lazy,” Embry explains.

“Going to see a show at Zazoo’s will be a completely different experience now.”

The New Vintage Live Music Series
Scott Carney of Wax Fang / Cougar Express / The Bad Reeds
Saturday, February 5th
102 Bauer Ave.
8 pm

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My question:

From: Jason Ashcraft
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 4:17 PM
To: publisher@courier-journal.com; bivory@courier-journal.com
Subject: News in bad taste

(Ironically, this story link no longer exists, but you can clearly read what the headline was in the web address below)

This headline and story focus is a horrible and unethical way to present the fact that investigators are searching for a next-of-kin. Animals feeding on a decomposing body is not even remotely considered newsworthy nor should it be the focus of this story. Why does it matter to the general public and readers that animals fed on a decomposing body? We get it. They’re animals. What service have you done by exposing this information other than pissing on a dead person’s grave? Investigators are searching for a next of kin. That’s it. That’s the only reason something like this should be published or even considered newsworthy. Get some morals over there and have respect for family members who haven’t learned of their relatives death. Stuff like this is one of many reasons your media is struggling……


Their answer:

RE: News in bad taste

Mr. Ashcraft,

I am the managing editor of the CJ and was asked to respond to your email. First, I want to thank you for taking the time to write. You raise some good points, many of which we discussed yesterday before deciding to go with the short news item, provided to us by the Jefferson County coroner, about this woman’s tragic death.
It could be argued that this small item will do more than the usual next-of-kin notice to raise awareness of the need to take care of and check in on our community’s most vulnerable citizens.
That said, I understand your concerns, and will bring them up with other editors here.

Again, thank you for writing.
Jean Porter


Jarhead response (not emailed):

Good. But are you suggesting that the Jefferson County coroner’s office has two methods of finding a next of kin, one faster and more efficient than the other? I’m referencing your comment “this small item will do more than the usual next-of-kin notice to raise awareness of the need?”

You need any other advice on anything else?

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Photo from myspace

The Bowling Green, Kentucky-based Cage The Elephant is previewing their up coming new album “Thank You Happy Birthday” for FREE on their myspace site. No word how long this will last leading up to the album’s January 11th worldwide release.

From listening to it today I can tell you they’ve added a little more straight rock into their sound, with a touch of punk on occasion, compared to their 2008 self-titled debut. But, they also remain loyal to their funk style roots.

I’m just wondering when the hell they’re gonna schedule a Bowling Green or Louisville, Kentucky show that being said. Hmm. Once they remember they’re from the bluegrass state, I’ll hit this website back up with some better news. It’ll probably be roadtrip to Bowling Green for all you die hard fans that want to go.

In the meantime, catch the new album while you can or check out their video “In One Ear” now

This review also posted at Louisville.com

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