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It’s Black Hole Sun, not Billy Jean…drunktards!


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No, my fingers didn’t get chopped off. Nor did any other of my body parts. I’m not dead, either. Not yet. Bummer, right? It usually takes something happening out of Kentucky, musically, that actually leaves the state’s borders, to bring me out of my so-called editorial hibernation.

I’ve been following these young Southern Kentucky lads, Black Stone(d) Cherry, since they were 16 years old. I think Ben and John Fred were still sophomore’s in high school when I first met them in Jillian’s Louisville (now Diamonds Pub). How’d they get into a bar at 16, you may ask? Well, when your father is Richard Young, founding member and guitarist of the Kentucky Headhunters, they just kinda get to go where they damn well please in Kentucky’s live music venues. And as history would have it, I would be lucky enough to be invited down to their Edmonton-based practice house, and be the first published journalist to interview and write about them.

Black Stone Cherry 2014So, that said, the bad boys from Southern Kentucky, who literally are Southern Rock’s torch-bearers, are back, and they’re dropping their new album, Magic Mountain, May 6th via Roadrunner Records.

Black Stone Cherry commented on the making of Magic Mountain, stating, “Not since before our first album have we felt the freedom and confidence that we felt while writing and recording this album. After touring the world behind three previous albums that we are extremely proud of, we feel this album best captures the live energy, honesty and vibe that encompasses our true musicianship.”

Without going into to much detail, I’ll confirm this. For those few of you who have a copy of Rock-n-Roll Tape, their first studio demo from 2001, think that kind of musical rawness, mixed with their modern-era rhythmic hooks, typical dirty guitars, and now throw in a little social support for the nation’s green movement, and you’ve got Magic Mountain.

Yes, I’ve had a copy of it for a little while now, and yes, I’ll publish my random rhetoric and review of it at PerformerMag.com. And for some odd reason it’ll appear in Performer Magazine’s July 2014 issue. My Editor must be nuts…just like me. And like Black Stone(d) Cherry too I suppose…


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Bowling Green’s Sleeper Agent is coming off a busy 2011-2012, not only releasing  their debut album Celabrasion, but also playing many large festivals and tours across the country also.

They’ve also just released a new video for “That’s My Baby” to hold fans over for their next album, which they’re already back in the studio recording as we speak. No release date or name yet announced for album numero dos, but rest assured I’ll be following this as more develops…

Check out my July interview with Sleeper Agent lead singer Alex Kandel and guitarist Tony Smith at Forecastle Festival 2012.

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The Forecastle Festival – Louisville’s nautically-themed summertime celebration of music, art, and environmental activism – has announced that My Morning Jacket will headline and assist in curating the festival’s tenth anniversary. The 3-day event will take place July 13 – 15, 2012, at Louisville’s scenic, award-winning Waterfront Park.

My Morning Jacket, whose original members hail from Louisville and currently reside in the city, will headline Saturday night, as well as collaborate with producers on the sights, sounds and experiences of the entire festival weekend. Celebrating its 10th year, the festival will pay homage to its past, present, and future, highlighting Forecastle’s maritime theme while celebrating the very best of Louisville and Kentucky.

“The stars have aligned in such a way that not only allows My Morning Jacket to headline on Saturday night, but to collaborate on many aspects of the festival as well,” said JK McKnight, Forecastle Founder and Director of National Partnerships for AC Entertainment. “From booking bands and curating late night shows to choosing philanthropic partners and shining a light on Louisville’s special offerings, together we’re sure to craft the best Forecastle experience ever. There’s certainly no group I would rather share this moment with than them.”

Full festival details, including the complete line up of headliners, along with over 75 bands performing on multiple stages, will be announced in the coming weeks.  Separately ticketed late-night after-parties will also take place on the historical steamboat, the Belle of Louisville and at the newly renovated Ice House.

“We’re really excited to join forces with the Forecastle Festival,” said Jim James, lead singer of My Morning Jacket. “It has been great to watch them grow over the years- bringing great music, art, education, and activism to Louisville. The festival is a great vehicle for showcasing the abundance of opportunity, talent, and beauty our fair city has to offer.”

Drummer Pat Hallahan added, “Watching Forecastle grow through the years has been a thing of beauty.  JK McKnight is a forward-thinking, hardworking visionary. It is an honor to work along side the whole Forecastle and AC Entertainment crew.”

Specially priced weekend passes will go on-sale January 27 at noon (EST).  After the initial allotment is depleted, tickets will still be available at regular price. Travel packages will also be available, including accommodations at The Galt House – the festival’s official, waterfront hotel. For those who wish to dock up for the weekend, VIP “Captain’s Club” boat slips will also be available.   For ticketing information, visit www.forecastlefest.com.

And stay tuned to this blog as I will have a full preview and review of Forecastle Festival, which will also be published in Performer Magazine’s July 2012 and September 2012 issues. Online too: www.PerformerMag.com

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Ok, I had a Sailor Jerry & Soda in one hand and the Flip video camera in the other. It’s not an impressive video clip considering I wasn’t willing to spill my drink over it, and it lacks decent sound, but here was the scene at Zazoo’s on NYE when The Broken Spurs played one of their best rock anthem’s “Jawbanger”

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Shimmy Shimmy Dang
by LadyBirds
Departure Records
Produced by: Kevin Ratterman
In Stores: September 6, 2011

Out with the new, in with the old. That’d be the simplest way to sum up the musical approach for pop-rockabilly quintet Ladybirds, as they seek to carry on their original style of music with the addition of two new members (Anthony Fossaluzza, keys/organ & Brett Holsclaw, drums) making their debut on this album.

The opener is the album’s title track which features lead vocalist Sarah Teeple charming you right out the gate with some sassy vocal finessing of the song’s chorus. Teeple aims to get the song’s chorus stuck in your head as she balances the AM radio style of instrumentation and more modern day lyrical notions about romance, relationships and the dating game.

The bubble gum pop-rock is laid on pretty heavy on “Hum De Dum” as Teeple resembles something more like a mid 20th century emcee who is singing at a rockabilly cabaret. She gleefully projects herself as the rest of the band lays in the antique rhythm and melodies. You may just think this song – or any other – was taken straight off the “Stand By Me” soundtrack.

“Shallow Orbit,” an instrumental montage provides a decent change-up at mid album. The song melds soft guitar melodies and slightly spooky keys/organs, and is sure to make some baby boomers swear this song came straight off the dance floor from their high school prom.

The only slightly awkward part of the album comes on “Stay Gone Pt. 1.” when the music and the lyrics don’t seem to marry together very naturally. After listening to “Stay Gone Pt. 2” you’ll hear how the lyrics marry up more naturally with the faster paced rock n’ roll version of the song. More so than its soppy predecessor anyway.

All throughout this album, Tepple’s vocal candor accounts for the band’s most luscious feature. She emulates that wholesome Betty Boop-like playful innocence which defined pop-rock’s golden age of musical culture a half century ago. Simultaneously she also muddles up enough modern-day mischievous jest that can’t go unnoticed either. Metaphorically speaking, like you pulled into a drive-up diner on Friday night in your convertible Corvair, ordered only a cheeseburger and cherry coke, but all the while had your hand up your date’s skirt. Can we get an “Ooh-la-la” for the Ladybirds?

LadyBirds / Those Darlins
Friday, September 9th
Headliners Music Hall
1386 Lexington Rd.
8 pm
18 and up

** This album review also published at Louisville.com

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